A git command for loading up the appropriate project page on github
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A command to load up the git-hub project page associated with your project.


  • Copy the git-hub file into your path.
  • Set the GIT_BROWSER environment variable to the name of a command which will open the URL provided in the first argumentin your preferred browser. For Firefox on Linux, simply firefox will suffice.


Run git hub in your project repository.


The script expects GIT_BROWSER to be set. See Setup above.

You can specify the github project name and author using the hub.author and hub.project git config values.

If they are not set, it uses the origin remote as explained below.

What Does It Do?

The command first checks to see if you have the config values hub.author and hub.project. If they are set, it builds the target URL from those simply by doing:


If they aren't both set, it falls back to get the value of remote.origin.url and parses the information out of that with sed.

Which ever way it builds the URL, it relies on the GIT_BROWSER environment variable to be set to provide a script for loading the URL in your preferred browser.


  • bash
  • sed
  • git


I realise it is a bit presumptous to claim the git-hub name for such a minor script. I would be happy to change it if it is already in use.