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+A Sphinx extension which provides a directive to automatically extract a node's
+documentation from an appropriately written Attribute Editor Template.
+The directive is designed to extract and format the per-control annotations from
+the Attribute Editor and can only work if the Attribute Editor Template has been
+written in Python.
+The code is in early stages and hasn't be tested with complex production
+It is always a shame to document something twice, so if you have complete
+annotations on your Attribute Editor controls then it makes sense to reuse them
+for the project's official documentation.
+You use the ``mayanode`` directive in you Sphinx docs in the following way::
+ .. mayanode:: <module>:<function>
+Where ``<module>`` is the name of the module in which your Attribute Editor
+Template code is written and ``<function>`` is the entry function in which it

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