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sphinx xref role

This is a simple restructured text role which aims to make it easier to link repeatedly to external documentation.

The role allows you to provide a dictionary of keywords which map to urls so that instead of repeating the urls throughout your documentation you can use the keywords instead.

In addition to being more readable when working with the source text, it allows a list of urls and keywords to be maintained separately and, if desired, programmatically making them easier to update.

Also multiple sets of documentation using the same keyword-url dictionary can be kept up to date by maintaing a single central module with the dictionary as opposed to links scattered through several texts.


Using the following dictionary setup in the Sphinx config file:

xref_links = {
    "sphinx": ("Sphinx, the documentation generator,", "")

The restructured text:

This is my link to :xref:`sphinx` using the ``xref`` role.

Will render as:

This is my link to Sphinx, the documentation generator, using the xref role.

The advantages become more apparent with scale.


Thank you to Georg Brandl for Sphinx and David Goodger for Docutils.