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Wake is a pipeline and workflow tool based on the pipelines used in the animation industry. It has a huge amount of potential; it just needs a little love and care.


Wake is written in Python as that is fast becoming the main scripting language of the computer animation and whilst it might not seem as funky as Ruby, it’s still pretty damned cool.


The project code can be built into Python eggs. The test suite includes a basic script for building the eggs and a script for making an install to /tmp and running through some commands. The scripts:

  • test_suite/setup_clean.tcsh
  • test_suite/test_commands.tcsh

should provide some idea of the basic install steps. Fortunately Python eggs make this pretty easy. The only dependency that isn’t build into the eggs is SQLite which is the database which is used in the default configuration. Wake uses SQLAlchemy and so can handle other databases through that. I run SQLite 3.4.2 which seems to work fine.

To download, build and test wake use the following commands.

#> git clone git://github.com/michaeljones/wake.git
  1. cd wake/test_suite
  2. ./rebuild.tcsh
  3. ./test_commands.tcsh