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Lock tokens as a security measure
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Token Lock contract

This contract allows you to lock your non-core tokens such as EOSDAC as a security measure against losing your active key.

Compilation and install

First clone the repository

$ cd tokenlock
$ eosio-cpp -o tokenlock.wast tokenlock.cpp
$ cd ..
$ ./ set contract [your account] tokenlock/

Setting account permissions

This contract aims to lock tokens for a configurable amount of time but it is installed into your account, anyone who gets your active key will be able to remove the code and the tokens would be unlocked. To prevent this, we must set the minimum required permission to owner for eosio::setcode

Make sure that your owner key is different from your active key and is stored safely.

$ ./ set action permission [your account] eosio setcode owner

Locking tokens

The contract has 2 actions lock and unlock.

The lock function takes 3 parameters, the account setting the lock, the asset to lock and the time in seconds to lock it for.

To lock EOSDAC tokens for 3 days, use this command. The number of tokens specified does not matter, only the symbol is used.

$ ./ push action [your account] lock '["[your account]", "1.0000 EOSDAC", 259200]' -p [your account]@active

To unlock use the following command, you will have to wait for the unlock time to transfer the tokens.

$ ./ push action [your account] unlock '["[your account]","1.0000 EOSDAC"]' -p [your account]@active
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