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Welcome to the iPhoneMK wiki!


  • MKNetworkImageView – A UIImageView replacement that enables the image to be loaded from the internet rather than being part of the app’s bundle.
  • MKNumberBadgeView – A configurable view that draws a number badge similar to the ones the iPhone OS can draw on app icons and tab bar items
  • MKSoundCoordinatedAnimationView – A CALayer-backed UIView that can will display a animation based on a sequence of images. More customizable than UIView’s built in image sequence feature, most notably the ability to coordinate sound to specific images in the sequence and to have heterogeneous frame durations.

Table View Cells

  • MKSwitchControlTableViewCell – A simple table view cell that implements a on/off switch. Useful for an options view.
  • MKIconCheckmarkTableViewCell – A table view cell that provides a configurable and toggle-able image, such as a check mark. Allows different image placements and cell configurations. Does not interfere with normal usage of UITableViewCell’s image, accessory, or text fields.