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A simple to use script for creating timelapse and security camera videos. Complete with DropBox integration
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greensnap is a set of shell scripts that create timelapse and security camera videos. Setup is easy but does require some knowledge of the Linux command prompt.

For a full description see this post


These scripts run on most Linux systems including the RaspberryPi. The Raspi camera is supported.

  • Some type camera. Webcams, IP cameras and the RaspberryPi camera is supported
  • ffmpeg
  • fswebcam (only needed for webcams)
  • raspistill (only for the raspi cam)
  • dropbox-uploader (see below)

Installing ffmpeg

The latest versions of Raspbian and Debian include ffmpeg as a package. To install sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

Installing fswebcam

Please see this webpage

Installing raspistill

raspistill should be included with the camera software. See this page for more information

Installing drpbox-uploader

If you would like the scripts to automatically upload images and/or videos to DropBox you will need the script. Download the script with this command curl "" -o And then chmod +x Run the script once to setup the access key. For more information see this web page NOTE: The needs to be in the same directory as the other scripts in this package. It will not work if you put it in a central place and add it to the path. Sorry.


  1. Create a dedicated folder for your images and videos
  2. Clone the git repository or download and unzip
  3. Change the scripts to have the execute attribute chmod +x *.sh
  4. Thats it!


It is required that each camera have a dedicated directory folder to store the images. Also, please a copy of all scripts (including into each folder. will snap an image from a camera. The image is saved in the current directory. will take a collection of timestamped images and convert them to a video file. adds lines to the crontab scheduling image snaps, movie creation and Dropbox uploads adds lines to the crontab to cleanup (delete) old images and movies

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