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Workshop Summary and Reflection

At the end of the day, we asked each participant to summarize their key take aways from the workshop.

  • Companies that want great designers should align its values with good design
  • Surprised to see how many of the needed design skills are potentially not teachable. Can this be improved?
  • I took away many good ideas on how to identify potential designers
  • You can embed design growth in an agile process, such as postmortems and technical post-mortems + ADRs (Architecture Decision Records)
  • There is reasonable agreement on the books that comprise the canon in software design
    • Some pointed out that the list is too long. Can it be distilled further?
  • How do I rationalize and convince the group about design decisions?
  • If I have coworkers who only care about getting raises or writing papers then I need to tell them how the design decision will help them accomplish their goals.
  • Let them burn their hands on the stove.
  • Create opportunities for upcoming designers to have diverse experiences.
    • both positive and negative reinforcement are needed for growth.
  • The paradigm of architecture as risk reduction hasn't take root yet and there is work to be done.
  • I have a list of concrete ways to grow great designers and exchange experiences
  • Surprised that there is no repository of architecture. Code + text
  • Great design is a creative art, not an engineering exercise.
  • You can grow as a designer through the canon of design knowledge
  • Several designers in our group expressed tha their work as designers has become overwhelming. Current processes and values in companies are contributing factors.
    • Are we approaching a design crisis?
    • What is the dynamic here? It might start with low level design abilities, putting more load on the senior designers.

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