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6LoWPAN for OMNeT++ - Integrate It Yourself Version

This repository contains the Integrate It Yourself version of a 6LoWPAN simulation model for the OMNeT++ simulation framework. The model itself integrates Contiki's 6LoWPAN implementation into OMNeT++. Refer to the paper for more information about the basics and our generic approach.

Integrate It Yourself

Integrate It Yourself Version means that you have to perform the integration of the model in OMNeT++ / INET / INETMANET / Contiki step-by-step by yourself (therefore DIY). An installation and configuration tutorial can be found at the Wiki page on Github, along with answers to frequency asked questions.

Directory Structure

The directory structure reflects the integration steps, refer to the instruction / installation description for further information.

  1. contiki_platform_omnet: includes the OMNeT++ platform definition for Contiki v2.6
  2. contiki_adjustments: includes fixes / patches and adjustments for Contiki v2.6 to support the OMNeT++ integration
  3. 6lowpan_wrapper: wrapper for INET v2.x and INETMANET2
  4. examples: example simulations for INET v2.x and INETMANET2


Releases are published in this Github repository in the Integrate It Yourself version and in the Clone It Yourself version in the according branches of my INET/INETMANET and Contiki clones.


If you are interested in background information, please refer to the following publication:



6LoWPAN Model for OMNeT++ - Integrate It Yourself Version







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