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Apache Cassandra Chef Cookbook

This is an OpsCode Chef cookbook for Apache Cassandra (DataStax Community Edition).

It uses officially released Debian packages, provides Upstart service script but has no way to tweak Cassandra configuration parameters using Chef node attributes. The reason for that is it was created for CI and development environments. Attributes will be used in the future, doing so for single-server installations won't be difficult.

Apache Cassandra Version

This cookbook currently provides

  • Cassandra 1.1.x via tarballs
  • Cassandra 1.0.x (DataStax Community Edition) via packages.

Supported OS Distributions

Ubuntu 11.04, 11.10, 12.04.


Two provided recipes are cassandra::tarball and cassandra::datastax. The former uses official tarballs and thus can be used to provision any specific version.

The latter uses DataStax Debian repository and provisions Cassandra 1.0.


  • node[:cassandra][:version] (default: 1.1.3): version to provision
  • node[:cassandra][:tarball][:url] and node[:cassandra][:tarball][:md5] specify tarball URL and MD5 chechsum used by the cassandra::tarball recipe.
  • node[:cassandra][:user]: username Cassandra node process will use
  • node[:cassandra][:jvm][:xms] (default: 32) and node[:cassandra][:jvm][:xmx] (default: 512) control JVM -Xms and -Xms flag values, in megabytes (no need to add the m suffix)
  • node[:cassandra][:installation_dir] (default: /usr/local/cassandra): installation directory
  • node[:cassandra][:data_root_dir] (default: /var/lib/cassandra): data directory root
  • node[:cassandra][:log_dir] (default: /var/log/cassandra): log directory


OpenJDK 6 or Sun JDK 6.

Copyright & License

Michael S. Klishin, Travis CI Development Team, 2012.

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.

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