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Allow overriding the RPC address...

Default is 'localhost' which is unhelpful for e.g. Vagrant (where we
want to run Cassandra in a VM and connect to it from outside)
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commit b9a70ab807b272ce3cb9e59e46d92b0b3de9e050 1 parent 5dc8816
@samstokes samstokes authored
1 
@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ The latter uses DataStax Debian repository and provisions Cassandra `1.0`.
* `node[:cassandra][:installation_dir]` (default: `/usr/local/cassandra`): installation directory
* `node[:cassandra][:data_root_dir]` (default: `/var/lib/cassandra`): data directory root
* `node[:cassandra][:log_dir]` (default: `/var/log/cassandra`): log directory
+ * `node[:cassandra][:rpc_address]` (default: `localhost`): address to bind the RPC interface
## Dependencies
3  attributes/default.rb
@@ -21,5 +21,6 @@
:conf_dir => "/etc/cassandra/",
# commit log, data directory, saved caches and so on are all stored under the data root. MK.
:data_root_dir => "/var/lib/cassandra/",
- :log_dir => "/var/log/cassandra/"
+ :log_dir => "/var/log/cassandra/",
+ :rpc_address => "localhost"
2  templates/default/cassandra.yaml.erb
@@ -280,7 +280,7 @@ listen_address: localhost
# Leaving this blank has the same effect it does for ListenAddress,
# (i.e. it will be based on the configured hostname of the node).
-rpc_address: localhost
+rpc_address: <%= node.cassandra.rpc_address %>
# port for Thrift to listen for clients on
rpc_port: 9160
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