Crawlista is a support library for Clojure applications that crawl the Web
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What is Crawlista

Crawlista is a support library for Clojure applications that crawl the Web.

Continuous Integration status


  • Detection of crawlable content (using Pantomime)
  • Extraction of links with normalization (using Urly)
  • Detection of link presence
  • Extraction of content (like article text) from pages (using Boilerpipe Core)



With Leiningen

[clojurewerkz/crawlista "1.0.0-alpha17"]

Artifacts are published to

Supported Clojure versions

Crawlista is built from the ground up for Clojure 1.3 and up.

Documentation & Examples

Crawlista is a work in progress. Please see our test suite for code examples. Once APIs and core functionality stabilizes, we will begin writing documentation guides and update this document.

Crawlista Is a ClojureWerkz Project

Crawlista is part of the group of Clojure libraries known as ClojureWerkz, together with Neocons, Langohr, Elastisch, Welle, Monger, Quartzite and several others.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration status

CI is hosted by


Crawlista uses Leiningen 2. Make sure you have it installed and then run tests against all supported Clojure versions using

lein all test

Then create a branch and make your changes on it. Once you are done with your changes and all tests pass, submit a pull request on Github.

Regenerating robots.txt Parser

If you make changes to the Ragel-based robots.txt parser in Crawlista, you need to regenerate it:

ragel -J -o src/java/clojurewerkz/crawlista/robots/ src/rl/clojurewerkz/crawlista/robots/Parser.rl
lein javac

and then run robots.txt parser test suite with

lein test :robots


Copyright (C) 2011-2016 Michael S. Klishin, Alex Petrov, and the ClojureWerkz team.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.