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I found out that the mode uses feature-cucumber-command and thus calls 'rake cucumber' to verify tests by default, but I did'nt find anything in the documentation what the expected task should look like for this.

I know I can customize that variable, but I like to always use the default as much has possible, because commonly you get less trouble with it (it's better testet) and the default are normally well thought through.

For example, my rakefile currently uses the following for feature testing:
require "rake"
require 'cucumber'
require 'cucumber/rake/task'
CUKE_RESULTS = 'results.html' do |t|
t.cucumber_opts = "features --format html -o #{CUKE_RESULTS} --format pretty --no-source -x"
t.fork = false

BTW, the documentation for feature-cucumber-command does not specify how the command should be build. What is {options}, what {feature}, are they required? Does the order matter? I can guess, read lisp code (what I did :-) ) or do a trial-and-error to find out...

@michaelklishin - Now that feature mode runs cucumber on its own when there is no Rakefile, I think this issue is no longer applicable.


michaelklishin commented Nov 23, 2016

@UltimateGeek I'd be happy to add you as a collaborator so that you can close issues without having to wait for me :) WDYT?

UltimateGeek commented Nov 23, 2016 edited

Sounds good 😀

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