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What is DatTrack

DatTrack is a small command line tool for Digitally Imported fans.

It displays recent tracks from a particular channel in the shell.

DatTrack was developed as a small code kata excercise and should not be taken seriously.


Assuming you have ~/bin in PATH, from the repository root:


Alternatively you can build dattrack manually and copy it anywhere in PATH:

go build
cp dattrack /usr/local/bin/


dattrack [--channel NAME --limit LIMIT]

Channel names are currently not parsed in any intelligent way so you have to know them:

  • Epic Trance: et, epictrance
  • Liquid DnB: ldnb, liquiddnb
  • Club Dubstep: clubdubstep, clubds
  • Electro House: electrohouse
  • Hands Up: handsup, hu
  • Glitch Hop: glitchhup, gh

This will be improved and expanded in future versions.


Released under the BSD license.

Copyright Michael S. Klishin, 2012