Lib splits full name into first and last name considering name prefixes and initials
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FullNameSplitter splits full name into first and last name considering name prefixes and initials

If you include the module it requires attribute accessors first_name and last_name and adds #full_name, #full_name= to the class

For example

require 'full_name_splitter'

class Incognito
  include FullNameSplitter
  attr_accessor :first_name, :last_name

incognito = :full_name => "George H. W. Bush"
incognito.first_name # => "George H. W."
incognito.last_name  # => "Bush"

incognito = :full_name => "Kevin J. O'Connor"
incognito.first_name # => "Kevin J."
incognito.last_name  # => "O'Connor"

incognito = :full_name => "Thomas G. Della Fave"
incognito.first_name # => "Thomas G."
incognito.last_name  # => "Della Fave"

incognito = :full_name => "Gabriel Van Helsing"
incognito.first_name # => "Gabriel"
incognito.last_name  # => "Van Helsing"

If full name isn't complete FullNameSplitter tries to split partially

incognito = :full_name => "George W."
incognito.first_name # => "George W."
incognito.last_name  # => nil

incognito = :full_name => "George"
incognito.first_name # => "George"
incognito.last_name  # => nil

incognito = :full_name => "Van Helsing"
incognito.first_name # => nil
incognito.last_name  # => "Van Helsing"

incognito = :full_name => "d'Artagnan"
incognito.first_name # => nil
incognito.last_name  # => "d'Artagnan"

For other examples see spec/lib/full_name_splitter_spec.rb

Also you can use splitter directly by calling module function FullNameSplitter::split

FullNameSplitter.split("Juan Martín de la Cruz Gómez")  # => ["Juan Martín", "de la Cruz Gómez"]
FullNameSplitter.split("Ludwig Mies van der Rohe")      # => ["Ludwig", "Mies van der Rohe"]

If the lib can't split a name correctly, it is possible to split by comma

FullNameSplitter.split("John Quincy Adams")   # => ["John Quincy", "Adams"]
FullNameSplitter.split("John, Quincy Adams")  # => ["John", "Quincy Adams"]