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h2. git-wtf
-A useful script that displays local & remote branches, what are in sync and what need merging,
-and so on, like so:
+h3. Maintenance
-<pre>Local branch: heads/master
-[x] in sync with remote
+Current (?) known maintainer: William Morgan
+Information page:
+Gitorious repository:
+Homebrew formula:
+(installation through homebrew is apparently supported)
-Remote branch: origin/master (
-[x] in sync with local
-Feature branches:
-[x] ticket_827 is merged in
-[ ] ticket_831 is NOT merged in (1 commit ahead; 18 commits behind)
- - [dependencies] Depend on library X, version Y [bfda321]</pre>
-h3. Installation
-<code>$ make git-alias</code>
-_(makes <code>$ git wtf</code> work)_
-<code>$ make git-sh-alias</code>
-_(makes <code>master!repo> wtf</code> work in "git-sh": console)_
-or just:
-<code>$ make</code>
-to perform both actions.
-<code>sudo make install</code>
-_(obviously, installs git-wtf script into your /usr/local/bin directory)_
+<code>git-wtf</code> is not maintained here. The last known and maintained version of <code>git-wtf</code> can be found on gitorious. Pull requests and issues should be sent to the main repository.

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