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A Gradle OpsCode Chef cookbook that provides an up-to-date Gradle version and uses a reasonable license (MIT)
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Gradle Chef Cookbook

This is an OpsCode Chef cookbook for Gradle, a modern build tool.

It uses official releases from to install Gradle under /usr/local/gradle, provides an /etc/profile.d script that prepends Gradle's bin directory to the $PATH and allows you to tweak version using Chef node attributes.

Unlike some other Chef cookbooks, this cookbook is released under the MIT license. Feel free to redistribute, use in commercial projects and modify to fit your needs.


Main recipe is gradle::tarball.


  • [:gradle][:version] (default: 2.6): Gradle version to install
  • [:gradle][:home_dir] (default: /usr/local/gradle): directory to install Gradle to

Supported OSes

Debian and Ubuntu (any version that was released in the last few years and provides Groovy package should work fine).


Tested and used with OpenJDK 8, Oracle JDK 8, OpenJDK 7K.

Copyright & License

Michael S. Klishin, 2012-2015.

Released under the MIT license.

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