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OpsCode Chef cookbook that provisions GHC 7.4 (or 7.6) and Haskell Platform 2012.02
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Haskell Platform Chef Cookbook

This is an OpsCode Chef cookbook that provisions GHC 7.4 and Haskell Platform 2012.02 from source.

All executables are installed under /usr/local/bin. Cabal executables path under ~/.cabal/bin is prepended to PATH via a shell script installed under /etc/profile.d/.

GHC and Haskell Platform Versions

This cookbook currently provides

  • GHC 7.6 with Platform 2012.02
  • GHC 7.4 with Platform 2012.02
  • GHC 7.0 with Platform 2011.02.

but no other combinations, in part due to Platform requirements on the GHC version used to compile it.

Supported OSes

Recent Debian or Ubuntu releases (10.04+) should work.


  • haskell::source provisions the most recent GHC (7.6 or 7.4) and Haskell Platform (2012.02) releases from source.
  • haskell::package provisions older GHC (7.0) and Haskell Platform (2011.02) releases from apt packages.

Main recipe includes haskell::source.


  • node[:ghc]:version: GHC version. "7.4.1" by default. Set to "7.6.1" to provision 7.6. Keep in mind that Haskell Platform may stringly check GHC version.



Copyright & License

Michael S. Klishin, Travis CI Development Team, 2012-2014.

Released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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