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MARC language codes table for Ruby

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= MARC language codes

A tiny Ruby library that makes it easier to deal with data that uses MARC langauge codes. For details, see Wikipedia entry on "MARC standards":


API is very simple. Lookup language name by language code like so:

MARC::LanguageCodes.lookup("eng") # => English MARC::LanguageCodes.lookup("ita") # => Italian MARC::LanguageCodes.lookup("rus") # => Russian

MARC has a list of discontinued language codes, and by default MARC::LanguageCodes.lookup includes those. If you want just current list, use MARC::LanguageCodes.lookup_current.

Language lookup tables were generated from, so make sure you understand that before you send any pull requests.

== Copyright

Copyright (c) 2009 Michael S. Klishin. See LICENSE for details.

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