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(ns monger.test.full-text-search-test
(:require [monger.core :as mg]
[monger.collection :as mc]
[monger.command :as cmd]
[monger.operators :refer :all]
[clojure.test :refer [deftest is use-fixtures]]
[monger.result :refer [acknowledged?]])
(:import com.mongodb.BasicDBObjectBuilder))
(let [conn (mg/connect)
db (mg/get-db conn "monger-test")
coll "search-docs"]
(defn purge-collections
(mc/purge-many db [coll])
(mc/purge-many db [coll]))
(use-fixtures :each purge-collections)
(deftest ^{:search true} test-basic-full-text-search-query
(mc/ensure-index db coll (array-map :subject "text" :content "text"))
(mc/insert db coll {:subject "hello there" :content "this should be searchable"})
(mc/insert db coll {:subject "untitled" :content "this is just noize"})
(let [xs (mc/find-maps db coll {$text {$search "hello"}})]
(is (= 1 (count xs)))
(is (= "hello there" (-> xs first :subject))))))
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