An OpsCode Chef cookbook for PyPy (stable releases)
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PyPy Chef Cookbook

This is an OpsCode Chef cookbook for PyPy.

It uses official tarballs or PyPy Team Ubuntu PPA to provide stable PyPy releases (currently 1.9 from the tarball and 1.8 via the PPA).

PyPy Version

pypy::tarball provides 2.0 by default with an option to change the version via node attributes.

For the PPA flavor, this cookbook currently provides PyPy 1.8.x but as new releases are pushed to the PPA, they will be used instead.

Supported OS Distributions

Ubuntu 10.04, 11.04, 11.10 for pypy::ppa.

Ubuntu 10.04 to 13.04 and any recent Debian release for pypy::tarball.


Main recipe is pypy::tarball. There is also Main recipe is pypy::ppa that uses PyPy Team Ubuntu PPA.


For pypy::tarball:

  • node[:pypy][:tarball][:version] (default: "2.0"): PyPy version to install
  • node[:pypy][:tarball][:installation_dir] (default: "/usr/local/pypy"): where to install PyPy

There are no attributes to tune at the moment for pypy::ppa.


  • apt cookbook from OpsCode

Copyright & License

Michael S. Klishin, Travis CI Development Team, 2012.

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.

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