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Test for multiphase return m/r being serialized correctly

Test for multiphase return m/r working AT ALL on pb

tests for mulitphase returns with some found, and some not found results

A way to filter out not founds, or someway add them to the result set as null or empty or something????

Configure a RawClient from RiakFactory (config object, map?)

Include things like TCP_NODELAY etc

Push retrier down the stack to Raw level

Conversion needs more thought, especially around the key

separate convert to and convert from domain object

Have store/fetch/delete Object operations use the pass through non converter if the type they are working with is IRiakObject

Have key as a parameter to convert?

remove vclock as param to convert?

reimplement JSONConverter as less of an example and more for production

key discovery from domain objects needs to be a strategy

moar unit tests

Add a key, T o) method

per op. cap on RiakBucket

Retrier, Mutator, Conflict resolver on RiakBucket

some sort of registry/lookup based on type/content type for Converters

Code audit for safety/oddness

EG Builders for use from single thread so remove sync from builder collections

Look at client id in a more thorough and logical way

What does it mean when a client is shared accross threads? Really an operation is done by a client? or the connection has an ID? And we match the connection to the client? Or we encourage lots of clients and drop this one client per application thing?

consider a type for value + content-type since they are inextricably linked in every way

XML converter

consider modeling RiakOperation as Callable and RiakClient as executor

make default resolver a strategy added on client or bucket

make default mutator a strategy

RawClient - anything missing (Stream in, Stream out)

A PUMP (a super fast way to pump data into Riak)

Move pbc stuff into client.pbc

deprecate old pbc stuff in favour of new stuff

Class whittle down

RiakObject creation factory methods on RiakDomain Bucket

per op CAP quroa on RiakDomain bucket

per op CAP quora params on domain buckets


Links should return

  • Siblings
  • Domain objects

Mapping links

What does this mean?

If you create a domain class you can annotate an field on it to denote a link walk spec that will lead to the object(s) to populate that field. (Transparent proxy? (only for collections right?))

Mapping user meta? (IE User Meta in domain object conversion)

proto client connection pool

periodic failing ITest PB Bucket on sibling test

Load balancing retrier

Cluster aware (uses stats call to learn about ring, or configured with multlple hosts?)

Bucket properties

Rest interface is capable of more than the REST client abstraction exposes

expose all properties

PB interface for bucket props


Stream in

stream out

stream m/r