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An example Ruby on Rails 2.3 application that uses Ruby AMQP gem with Unicorn

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An example Ruby on Rails 2.3 application that uses Ruby AMQP gem with Unicorn

This app demonstrates how you can integrate Ruby amqp gem into a Ruby on Rails application that runs on Unicorn.

Getting Started

gem install bundler

and then

bundle install


unicorn_rails --port=3000 -c config/unicorn/development.rb

What does it do?

On application boot, Unicorn forks 1 worker and that worker starts EventMachine event loop in a separate thread and then establishes connection to AMQP broker. The key here is to not start EventMachine reactor before the fork: due to a known EventMachine issue, this will result in a reactor in limbo (because forking has side effects on open file descriptors). Restarting it is possible but not without hacks and requires some knowledge about EventMachine internals.

Once connection is established, we publish a bunch of messages using default direct exchange.


Apache Public License 2.0.

See LICESE file in the repository root.

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