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Explain how Sous Chef came to be and what's the development process like

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# What is Travis Sous Chef
Travis Sous Chef is a repository that makes development and testing of Chef cookbooks (for but
-not just) easy.
+not just) easy. It brings practices that the [Travis Development Team]( uses to develop
+new and test modified [cookbooks]( for
+[Travis CI]( to the masses.
## Dependencies
@@ -10,6 +12,24 @@ Sous Chef uses [Vagrant]( and thus relies on [Virtual Box](
need to have Chef installed locally. It will only be run in a virtual machine.
+## How it works
+With Sous Chef, you use Vagrant and a locally running VirtualBox VM to develop and test your cookbooks. Sous Chef can use any collection of
+cookbooks: [those we use for](, cookbooks you are using for
+commercial projects, cookbooks from the official OpsCode repository or anything else.
+With Sous Chef, you provision a locally running virtual machine managed by [Vagrant]( in just one command. The process is
+set up to shorten the feedback loop:
+ * Modify your cookbook recipes (or templates/files in them)
+ * Run provisioning
+ * See and verify the result
+ * Rinse and repeat
+Once you are done with your cookbooks, just push them to a source control repository or rsync them to your server. Then destroy VM environment
+you were using in one command. Or just power off the VM and come back to work with it later.
## Getting started with Sous Chef
First install [VirtualBox 4.0.x]( (4.1.0 has known issues and we recommend holding off with upgrades):

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