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Travis CI SBT packager

This repository contains scripts and tools that builds a *.deb package from SBT installer found online.

It was originally based on work by Przemek Pokrywka and his Ubuntu SBT packager. Over time, Travis CI needs started requiring things like

  • System-wide list of default resolvers (so that we can use super fast local mirrors)
  • Other system-wide customizations

This features require us to move to SBT 0.12.0 preview releases and make the package not useful for the rest of the Scala community. If you need a Debian/Ubuntu package of SBT 0.11.3, our original fork of the project is still around in a separate repository.

Package details

The differences between SBT documentation and this package:

  • SBT gets installed to /usr/lib/sbt-${version} directory to be available to all users (original SBT documentation tells you to install it in ~/bin, but not everybody has it on PATH)
  • symbolic link is created in /usr/bin so you don't need to setup PATHS nor create anything yourself (if you use multiple versions of SBT you may need to modify this link after installation)

License & Copyright

Original work by Przemek Pokrywka.

Michael S. Klishin and Travis CI Development Team, 2012. Released under the Apache Public License 2.0.