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;; Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Michael S. Klishin
;; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
;; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
;; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
;; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
;; the terms of this license.
;; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns clojurewerkz.welle.conversion
(:require [cheshire.custom :as json]
[cheshire.core :as json2]
[clojure.set :as cs]
[ :as io]
[clojure.walk :refer [stringify-keys]]
[clojurewerkz.welle.hooks :refer :all])
(:import [com.basho.riak.client.cap Quora Quorum VClock BasicVClock Retrier DefaultRetrier ConflictResolver Mutation]
[com.basho.riak.client.raw StoreMeta FetchMeta DeleteMeta]
[com.basho.riak.client IRiakObject RiakLink]
[ RiakObjectBuilder BucketPropertiesBuilder]
[com.basho.riak.client.bucket BucketProperties TunableCAPProps]
[com.basho.riak.client.query LinkWalkStep LinkWalkStep$Accumulate]
[com.basho.riak.client.query.indexes RiakIndex IntIndex BinIndex]
[com.basho.riak.client.raw.query.indexes BinValueQuery BinRangeQuery IntValueQuery IntRangeQuery]
[ ByteArrayOutputStream PrintWriter InputStreamReader ByteArrayInputStream]
[ GZIPOutputStream GZIPInputStream]))
;; Implementation
;; has these as private, so we had to copy them. MK.
(def ^{:doc "Type object for a Java primitive byte array."}
byte-array-type (class (make-array Byte/TYPE 0)))
(def ^:dynamic ^java.lang.Boolean *convert-json-keys-to-keywords* true)
;; API
;; Quorum
(defprotocol QuorumConversion
to-quorum [input] "Coerces input to a value suitable for representing a read, write or other quorum/quora.
Riak Java client supports passing those values as numerical primitives, Quorum and Quora."))
(extend-protocol QuorumConversion
(to-quorum [input]
(Quorum. ^Integer input))
(to-quorum [input]
(Quorum. ^Long input))
(to-quorum [input]
(Quorum. ^Quora input))
(to-quorum [input]
;; in certain places Riak Java client accepts nulls as valid values
;; for quorum, this is the easiest way to avoid repetitive (if v (to-quorum v) nil)
;; kind of code. Several very experienced Clojure developers confirmed that extending
;; protocols to nil is a reasonable idea. MK.
(to-quorum [input]
;; VClock
(defprotocol VClockConversion
(to-vclock [input] "Converts input to a VClock instance"))
(extend-protocol VClockConversion
(^com.basho.riak.client.cap.VClock to-vclock [^String s]
(BasicVClock. (.getBytes s "UTF-8")))
(to-vclock [^VClock v]
(extend byte-array-type
{:to-vclock (fn [^bytes input]
(BasicVClock. input))})
;; {Store,Fetch,Delete}Meta
(defn to-store-meta
"Builds a StoreMeta instance from provided arguments"
[w dw pw return-body if-none-match if-not-modified timeout]
(StoreMeta. (to-quorum w)
(to-quorum dw)
(to-quorum pw)
^Boolean return-body nil
^Boolean if-none-match
^Boolean if-not-modified
^Integer (when timeout (int timeout)))))
(defn to-fetch-meta
"Builds a FetchMeta instance from provided arguments"
[r pr not-found-ok basic-quorum head-only return-deleted-vclock if-modified-since if-modified-vclock timeout]
(FetchMeta. (to-quorum r)
(to-quorum pr)
^Boolean not-found-ok
^Boolean basic-quorum
^Boolean head-only
^Boolean return-deleted-vclock
^Date if-modified-since
^VClock if-modified-vclock
^Integer (when timeout (int timeout)))))
(defn to-delete-meta
"Builds a DeleteMeta instance from provided arguments"
[r pr w dw pw rw vclock timeout]
(DeleteMeta. (to-quorum r)
(to-quorum pr)
(to-quorum w)
(to-quorum dw)
(to-quorum pw)
(to-quorum rw)
^VClock vclock
^Integer (when timeout (int timeout)))))
;; Clojure <=> IRiakObject
(defn ^com.basho.riak.client.RiakLink
"Converts a Clojure map to a RiakLink instance"
(let [m (stringify-keys m)]
(RiakLink. (get m "bucket") (get m "key") (get m "tag"))))
(defn from-riak-link
"Converts a RiakLink instance to a Clojure map"
[^RiakLink rl]
{:bucket (.getBucket rl) :key (.getKey rl) :tag (.getTag rl)})
(declare deserialize)
(defn to-riak-object
"Builds a Riak object from a Clojure map of well-known attributes:
:value, :content-type, :metadata, :indexes, :vclock, :vtag, :last-modified"
[{:keys [^String bucket ^String key value content-type metadata indexes
vclock vtag last-modified links]
:or {content-type Constants/CTYPE_OCTET_STREAM
metadata {}}
:as options}]
(let [^RiakObjectBuilder bldr (doto (RiakObjectBuilder/newBuilder (name bucket) (name key))
(.withValue value)
(.withContentType content-type)
(.withUsermeta metadata))]
(when vclock (.withVClock bldr ^VClock (to-vclock vclock)))
(when vtag (.withVtag bldr vtag))
(when last-modified (.withLastModified bldr last-modified))
(when-let [indexes (seq indexes)]
;; TODO: this code breaks when indexed values are not collections
(doseq [[idx-key idx-vals] indexes
idx-val (if (coll? idx-vals) idx-vals [idx-vals])]
(.addIndex bldr ^String (name idx-key) idx-val)))
(when-let [xs (seq links)]
(.withLinks bldr (map to-riak-link xs)))
(.build bldr))))
(defn indexes-from
"Returns indexes on the given IRiakObject as a Clojure map where values are keywords
and values are sets"
[^IRiakObject ro]
(let [indexes (concat (seq (.allBinIndexes ro))
(seq (.allIntIndexes ro)))
step (fn [acc-m ^java.util.Map$Entry idx]
(let [idx-name (keyword (.getName ^RiakIndex (.getKey idx)))
idx-fields (set ^java.util.Set (.getValue idx))]
(merge-with cs/union acc-m {idx-name idx-fields})))]
(reduce step {} indexes)))
(defn links-from
"Returns links on the given IRiakObject as a lazy sequence of Clojure maps"
[^IRiakObject ro]
(map from-riak-link (.getLinks ro)))
(defn from-riak-object
"Converts IRiakObjects to a Clojure map"
[^IRiakObject ro]
{:vclock (.getVClock ro)
:content-type (.getContentType ro)
:vtag (.getVtag ro)
:last-modified (.getLastModified ro)
:metadata (into {} (.getMeta ro))
:value (.getValue ro)
:indexes (indexes-from ro)
:links (links-from ro)
;; true for tombstones
:deleted? (.isDeleted ro)})
;; Index queries
(defmacro bin-index
`(BinIndex/named (name ~index-name)))
(defmacro int-index
`(IntIndex/named (name ~index-name)))
(defprotocol IndexQueryConversion
(to-range-query [start end bucket-name index-name] "Builds a range 2i query")
(to-value-query [value bucket-name index-name] "Builds a value 2i query"))
(extend-protocol IndexQueryConversion
(to-range-query [^String start ^String end ^String bucket-name index-name]
(BinRangeQuery. (bin-index index-name) bucket-name start end))
(to-value-query [^String value ^String bucket-name index-name]
(BinValueQuery. (bin-index index-name) bucket-name value))
(to-range-query [^Integer start ^Integer end ^String bucket-name index-name]
(IntRangeQuery. (int-index index-name) bucket-name start end))
(to-value-query [^Integer value ^String bucket-name index-name]
(IntValueQuery. (int-index index-name) bucket-name value))
(to-range-query [^Long start ^Long end ^String bucket-name index-name]
(IntRangeQuery. (int-index index-name) bucket-name (Long/valueOf start) (Long/valueOf end)))
(to-value-query [^Long value ^String bucket-name index-name]
(IntValueQuery. (int-index index-name) bucket-name (Long/valueOf value))))
(defmulti ^com.basho.riak.client.raw.query.indexes.IndexQuery
to-index-query (fn [value _ _]
(if (coll? value)
(defmethod to-index-query :range
[value ^String bucket-name index-name]
(let [start (first value)
end (last value)]
(to-range-query start end bucket-name index-name)))
(defmethod to-index-query :value
[value ^String bucket-name index-name]
(to-value-query value bucket-name index-name))
;; Serialization
(defprotocol BytesConversion
(^bytes to-bytes [input] "Converts input to a byte array value that can be stored in a bucket"))
(extend-protocol BytesConversion
(to-bytes [^String input]
(.getBytes input)))
(extend byte-array-type
{:to-bytes (fn [^bytes input]
input) })
(defmulti serialize (fn [_ content-type]
;; byte streams, strings
(defmethod serialize Constants/CTYPE_OCTET_STREAM
[value _]
(to-bytes value))
(defmethod serialize Constants/CTYPE_TEXT
[value _]
(to-bytes value))
(defmethod serialize Constants/CTYPE_TEXT_UTF8
[value _]
(to-bytes value))
(defmethod serialize Constants/CTYPE_JSON
[value _]
(json/encode value))
(defmethod serialize Constants/CTYPE_JSON_UTF8
[value _]
(json/encode value))
;; a way to support GZip content encoding for both HTTP and PB interfaces.
(defmethod serialize "application/json+gzip"
[value _]
(with-open [out (ByteArrayOutputStream.)
gzip (GZIPOutputStream. out)
writer (PrintWriter. gzip)]
(json2/generate-stream value writer)
(.flush writer)
(.finish gzip)
(.toByteArray out)))
;; SMILE (binary JSON)
(defmethod serialize "application/jackson-smile"
[value _]
(json/generate-smile value))
(defmethod serialize "application/smile"
[value _]
(json/generate-smile value))
;; Clojure
(defmethod serialize "application/clojure"
[value _]
(binding [*print-dup* true]
(pr-str value)))
(defmethod serialize :default
[value _]
(to-bytes value))
(defmulti deserialize (fn [_ content-type]
(defmethod deserialize Constants/CTYPE_OCTET_STREAM
[value _]
(defmethod deserialize Constants/CTYPE_TEXT
[value _]
(String. ^bytes value))
(defmethod deserialize :text
[value _]
(String. ^bytes value))
(defmethod deserialize Constants/CTYPE_TEXT_UTF8
[value _]
(String. ^bytes value "UTF-8"))
(defmethod deserialize Constants/CTYPE_JSON
[value _]
(json/parse-string (String. ^bytes value) *convert-json-keys-to-keywords*))
;; as of Riak Java client 1.1, this constant's value is "application/json;charset=UTF-8"
;; (no space between base content type and parameters). However, Riak returns content type *with*
;; the space so we have to cover both. Reported to Basho at
;; MK.
(defmethod deserialize Constants/CTYPE_JSON_UTF8
[value _]
(json/decode (String. ^bytes value "UTF-8") *convert-json-keys-to-keywords*))
(defmethod deserialize "application/json; charset=UTF-8"
[value _]
(json/decode (String. ^bytes value "UTF-8") *convert-json-keys-to-keywords*))
(defmethod deserialize "application/json+gzip"
[value _]
(with-open [in (GZIPInputStream. (ByteArrayInputStream. ^bytes value))]
(json/decode-stream (InputStreamReader. in "UTF-8") *convert-json-keys-to-keywords*)))
;; SMILE (binary JSON)
(defmethod deserialize "application/jackson-smile"
[value _]
(json/decode-smile value true))
(defmethod deserialize "application/smile"
[value _]
(json/decode-smile value true))
;; Clojure
(defmethod deserialize "application/clojure"
[value _]
(read-string (String. ^bytes value "UTF-8")))
(defmethod deserialize :default
[value content-type]
(throw (UnsupportedOperationException. (str "Deserializer for content type " content-type " is not defined"))))
(defn deserialize-value
"Replaces :value key with its deserialized form using :content-type key to
get value content type"
(assoc m :value (deserialize (:value m) (:content-type m))))
(def ^{:private true} not-nil? (comp not nil?))
(defn ^com.basho.riak.client.bucket.BucketProperties
[{:keys [^Boolean allow-siblings ^Boolean last-write-wins ^Integer n-val ^String backend
^Integer big-vclock
^Integer small-vclock
^Long old-vclock
^Long young-vclock
^Boolean not-found-ok
^Boolean basic-quorum
^Boolean enable-search
r w pr dw rw pw
:or {allow-siblings false
n-val 3
enable-search false
old-vclock 86400
young-vclock 20
small-vclock 50
big-vclock 50}}]
(let [bldr (doto (BucketPropertiesBuilder.)
(.r (to-quorum r))
(.w (to-quorum w))
(.pr (to-quorum pr))
(.dw (to-quorum dw))
(.rw (to-quorum rw))
(.pw (to-quorum pw))
(.allowSiblings allow-siblings)
(.search enable-search)
(.nVal (int n-val))
(.backend backend)
(.smallVClock (int small-vclock))
(.bigVClock (int big-vclock))
(.oldVClock old-vclock)
(.youngVClock young-vclock)
(when (not-nil? not-found-ok) (.notFoundOK bldr not-found-ok))
(when (not-nil? last-write-wins) (.lastWriteWins bldr last-write-wins))
(when (not-nil? basic-quorum) (.basicQuorum bldr basic-quorum))
(when (or (seq pre-commit-hooks) enable-search)
(.precommitHooks bldr (concat pre-commit-hooks (if enable-search
(when (seq post-commit-hooks)
(.postcommitHooks bldr post-commit-hooks))
(.build bldr)))
(defn from-bucket-properties
[^BucketProperties props]
{:r (.getR props)
:w (.getW props)
:pr (.getPR props)
:dw (.getDW props)
:rw (.getRW props)
:pw (.getPW props)
:search (.getSearch props)
:not-found-ok (.getNotFoundOK props)
:basic-quorum (.getBasicQuorum props)
:allow-siblings (.getAllowSiblings props)
:last-write-wins (.getLastWriteWins props)
:n-val (.getNVal props)
:backend (.getBackend props)
:small-vclock (.getSmallVClock props)
:big-vclock (.getBigVClock props)
:old-vclock (.getOldVClock props)
:young-vclock (.getYoungVClock props)
:pre-commit-hooks (.getPrecommitHooks props)
:post-commit-hooks (.getPostcommitHooks props)})
(defn ^com.basho.riak.client.bucket.TunableCAPProps
"Build a TunableCAPProps instance from Clojure map"
[{:keys [r w dw rw pr pw basic-quorum not-found-ok] :or {not-found-ok false}}]
(TunableCAPProps. (to-quorum r)
(to-quorum w)
(to-quorum dw)
(to-quorum rw)
(to-quorum pr)
(to-quorum pw)
^Boolean basic-quorum ^Boolean not-found-ok))
;; Link Walking
(defprotocol LinkWalkingAccumulationFlagConversion
to-link-walk-step-accumulate [input] "Converts given input to a LinkWalkStep$Accumulate value"))
(extend-protocol LinkWalkingAccumulationFlagConversion
(to-link-walk-step-accumulate [input]
(to-link-walk-step-accumulate [input]
(if input
(to-link-walk-step-accumulate [input]
(to-link-walk-step-accumulate [input]
(if input
(defn ^com.basho.riak.client.query.LinkWalkStep
"Builds a LinkWalkStep instance from provided arguments"
([^String bucket-name ^String tag]
(LinkWalkStep. bucket-name tag LinkWalkStep$Accumulate/DEFAULT))
([^String bucket-name ^String tag accumulate?]
(LinkWalkStep. bucket-name tag (to-link-walk-step-accumulate accumulate?))))
;; Retriers
(defn ^Retrier retrier-from
"Instantiates a new retrier that will delegate to the provided function.
The function is supposed to take a callable and implement any retrier logic
(reify Retrier
(attempt [this ^Callable c]
(f c))))
(defn ^DefaultRetrier counting-retrier
"Instantiates a default (counting) retrier that will retry the operation given
number of times (by default 3)"
(counting-retrier 3))
([^long n]
(DefaultRetrier. n)))
;; Resolvers
(defn ^ConflictResolver resolver-from
"Instantiates a new sibling resolver that will delegate to the provided function.
The function is supposed to take a collection of siblings and implement any resolution logic
(reify ConflictResolver
(resolve [this siblings]
(f siblings))))
;; Mutations
(defn ^Mutation mutation-from
"Instantiates a new mutation that will delegate to the provided function.
The function is supposed to take a value and implement any mutation logic
(reify Mutation
(apply [this original]
(f original))))