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Android CI

Overview SMS is an Android messaging app for that seeks to replicate the aesthetic of Google's official SMS app.

Get it on Google PlayGet it on F-Droid


  • Material design
  • Push notifications (if using the Google Play version of the app)
  • Synchronization with device contacts
  • Message search
  • Comprehensive support for synchronization with
  • Completely free


A number of people use as a cheaper alternative to subscribing to a voice plan for their mobile devices.

Unfortunately, this can make sending text messages rather difficult, as the SMS Message Center is clearly built as a diagnostic tool for use in desktop browsers, not as an easy way to send and receive messages on a mobile device. does provide a mobile version of this interface with an improved UI, but it still lacks important features that are only possible with a dedicated app.


The standard version of the app uses closed-source Firebase libraries to support push notifications and facilitate crash reporting and analytics, among other purposes. A version of the application that is completely open source is available from F-Droid.

Both versions are available from the Releases section of the GitHub repository.


The app's documentation is available in the file.

License SMS is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.