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Forward USB mouse actions using Arduino Yun
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Forward USB mouse actions using Arduino Yun

Fowards actions (X/Y movement, wheel, left/middle/right mouse buttons) of a USB mouse connected to an Arduino Yun (on the OpenWRT side) as USB HID actions via the micro USB connection (on the ATmega side). This project can get easily modified to add and/or modify the behavior of the mouse (e.g. adding acceleration by multiplying X/Y movement, inverting axis, etc).

Preparing your Arduino Yun

opkg update
opkg install kmod-input-core
opkg install kmod-input-evdev
opkg install kmod-usb-hid
cat /dev/input/event1   | hexdump
  • At this point you should see a hexdump when moving the mouse (leave with CTRL-C)
  • Continue with
wget --no-check-certificate
opkg install python-evdev_0.4.7-1_ar71xx.ipk 
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