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EventMapr displays real-time events on a map as they occur
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What is EventMapr?

EventMapr is a tool for displaying real-time eventing data on a map. It consists of a map front-end, powered by MapBox (, and a back-end API which can be used to push event-data to the map.

Event Map

Event Types

EventMapr works by pushing events from a back-end API to a front-end map. EventMapr supports two types of events:

  • Line Events: events originating at a geo-point and going to a site (or data center)
  • Marker Events: events originating at a geo-point

The back-end API is viewable in swagger at /swagger.

Line Event

Line Events can be created by calling the event API while passing in a site, event type, latitude and longitude. The API call will draw a line from the geo-point specified to the given site. The line will be visible for the LineDuration interval specified in configuration.

Example CURL:

curl -XPOST http://localhost:5000/api/event -H "content-type:application/json" -d '{"siteId":"ny","typeId":"event1","latitude":40.7608,"longitude":-111.8910}'

Example Map: Line Event Map

Marker Event

Marker Events can be created the same way as Line Events with the difference that the site is left empty. A Marker Event will draw a circular pattern around the latitude and longitude selected. The Marker will be visible for the MarkerDuration interval specified in the configuration.

Example CURL:

curl -XPOST http://localhost:5000/api/event -H "content-type:application/json" -d '{"typeId":"event1","latitude":40.7608,"longitude":-111.8910}'

Example Map: Marker Event Map

Running from Source

EventMapr can be run from source using the dotnet core 2.2 sdk:

cd src/EventMapr
dotnet run

Running from Docker

EventMapr can be run from the hosted docker image michaellandi/eventmapr. It is recommended that you map a configuration file to the container instance to override the supplied configuration. EventMapr will automatically load any configuration file specified by the EVENTMAPR_CONFIG_PATH environment variable.

By default EventMapr will host itself on port 5000 within the container.

docker run -d -e EVENTMAPR_CONFIG_PATH=/etc/eventmapr/eventmapr.json -v ~/eventmapr/:/etc/eventmapr -p 5000:5000 michaellandi/eventmapr:latest


Many configuration options are available and can be overridden. See the default configuration file hosted (here)[]

NOTE: You will need to replace the ApiKey setting with your API key from Mapbox.

  "Settings": {
    "Map": {
      "LineDuration": 3000,

      "MarkerDuration": 10000,
      "MarkerHeight": 12,
      "MarkerWidth": 12,

      "Theme": "mapbox://styles/mapbox/dark-v10",
      "DivId": "map",
      "CenterLatitude": 39.8333333,
      "CenterLongitude": -98.585522,
      "Zoom": "3.5",
      "ApiKey": "{{MAPBOX_API_KEY}}",
      "LegendTitle": "Event Type",

      "SiteIcon": "img/marker.png",
      "SiteHeight": 40,
      "SiteWidth": 20
    "Types": {
      "Event1": "#13B2A6",
      "Event2": "#A67657",
      "Event3": "#CEE4AC"
    "Sites": [
        "Name": "ny",
        "Latitude": 40.7167,
        "Longitude": -74
        "Name": "ch",
        "Latitude": 41.881832,
        "Longitude": -87.623177
        "Name": "sf",
        "Latitude": 37.774929,
        "Longitude": -122.419416

License, etc.

EventMapr uses Mapbox which is licensed separately

EventMapr is Copyright © 2019 Michael Landi

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