LastFm API binding and connect support using Spring Social. This project adapts LastFm's APi to be pseudo-oauth so it can be used with ProviderSignInController and ConnectController - work in progress
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This project is a work in progress with a few methods of the LastFm Api implemented so far. These include:

  • Retrieving a LastFm user's basic profile info
  • Retrieving a LastFm user's Loved, Recent, or Top Tracks
  • Retrieving a LastFm user's friends and neighbours lists
  • Retrieving a LastFm user's shouts
  • Performing a shout
  • Loving and unloving a track
  • Performing a basic track search
  • Updating a LastFm users' now listening status
  • Simple scrobbling


Please note that as LastFm's auth scheme is neither OAuth1 or OAuth2, there are a few constraints concerning the use of this module:

In order to use Spring-Social's existing ProviderSignInController or ConnectController (which require OAuth2 scheme) the LastFmPseudoOAuth2ConnectionFactory (not the standard LastFmConnectionFactory) must be registered with the ConnectionFactoryRegistry AND the LastFmPseudoOAuth2Filter must be registered in your filter chain in web.xml.

The LastFmPseudoOAuth2ConnectionFactory conforms the LastFmConnectionFactory to OAuth2 spec, and the LastFmPseudoOAuth2Filter modifies the auth-callback from LastFm to that required by ProviderSignInController or ConnectController.