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iOS10 iMessage Stickers Icon Template for Sketch

This is a simple Sketch template with designated Artboards for all the necessary icon sizes that Xcode requires for Stickers apps for iOS 10.

I've tried to label all the Artboards so that when exporting assets, the naming convention would make it super simple to match icons to Xcode.

Tell me if you used this template to make your iMessage Stickers

Please share if you've used this template in making the icons for your iMessage stickers by tweeting me at @michaelsoolee on Twitter or creating an issue. I'll add it to this README to share with others.

Format when creating issue

Title: [Sticker pack] - Sticker pack name

  • App Store link
  • Link to website or Twitter handle

Title for the new issue should have [Sticker pack] then a hyphen and the name of your sticker pack.

In the comment, place your app store link and a link to either your website or a public handle like Twitter.

Sticker apps that used this template in the wild

Dim and Sum by Adelyn

Clyde Stickers by Kelsey Dieterich

Loot Llamas Stickers by Justin Wong

Buy me a slice of 🍕

If you found this Sketch template helpful, would you buy me a slice of 🍕? I love eating pizza and it motivates me to make more cool stuff and share it.

Buy Michael a slice of 🍕


MIT © Michael Lee


🎈 iOS iMessage stickers icon template for Sketch





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