Full-featured CMS including blog, wiki, discussion, etc. powered by Nodejs.
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A nodejs powered website containing blog, wiki, discuss and search engine.


Nodejs: >= 0.12

MySQL: 5.1 ~ 5.6




You should make a copy of 'config_default.js' to 'config_production.js', and override some of the settings you needed:

$ cp www/config_default.js www/config_production.js

You can safely remove any settings you do not changed.

Install packages

Run npm install to install all required packages:

$ npm install

Initialize database

Run node schema > init_db.sql to generate initial schema as well as administrator's email and password.

You will get init_db.sql file in current directory. Run this SQL script by:

$ mysql -u root -p < init_db.sql

NOTE: re-run this SQL file will remove all existing data.


$ node --harmony app.js

You should able to see the home page in the browser with address http://localhost:2015/.

If you want to sign in to management console, go to http://localhost:2015/manage/signin, and sign in using the email and password you entered when running node schema.