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Provides an example of how to setup a certificate on a local development machine and the docker container.
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Docker with HTTPS

This repository provides an example on how to configure a website running in IIS hosted in Docker to make use of a certificate.


There are a few things to have in place when getting started.

  • Docker images built for use with the docker-compose.yml. The version included assumes images built for Sitecore are used.
  • The createcert.ps1 is run on the workstation with elevated privileges. The files cert.password.txt and cert.pfx are created in the startup directory and copied to the container on startup.


From your favorite console run the following command:

docker-compose up

The "monitor" service is designed to edit the hosts file when a service spins up. In our case we want the host header for the custom website to be added. The example host header used in this repo is


  • Certificate uses a wildcard *.dev.local.
  • Host header defined in the Docker compose file is


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