m03 - context aware burrows/wheeler compression algorithm
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*** Work on M03 has stopped. This repo is now used only to preserve the 2010 windows version of M03-alpha - Please see the successor repo M19 ***

M03 is the first 'context aware' burrows wheeler compressor. It is the successor of M99 (a faster but slightly weaker compressor). Work on M03 has been suspended and only a 2010 alpha demo is available. However, work on M19 has begun. M19 is the successor of M03 and contains a more advanced context parsing technique based on that of M03 but is faster than the context parsing technique used in M03. It remains to be seen if whether or not this more complicated parsing technique will produce superior compression results (I suspect it will), however, this new technique has already proven to be much faster than that of M03.

Please follow along on that repo as I work on that compressor.