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This project provides global data extracts based on OpenStreetMap data as GeoPackages. Each extract represents its related primary feature respectively key value regarding the OpenStreetMap project. Every GeoPackage contains the four types of geometries: point, line, multilinestring and multipolygon. For each primary feature all prepared tags are always contained in the same way.

Downloads - extracts are available on

In a monthly cycle new extracts are provided. The first Planet Dump of each month from will be available 3 days later as it takes a while for the data to be processed.

Projection of the geodata: WGS 84 | EPSG 4326 |


OpenStreetMap (OSM) offers an amazing collection of data. The information contained provides many possibilities to better understand the geogrpahy of the world, e.g. with the use of a geographic information system (GIS). There are many tools to create small extracts from OSM data: overpass-turbo (API) or other tools in QGIS/ArcGIS. A bigger challenge is creating ready to use GIS-compatible data sets from OSM, which cover whole countries, continents or even the whole world. is my hobby and absolutely non-commercial. I'm happy to share open data, knowledge and insights.

Create your own data

Standalone scripts


Using Docker

See the docker Readme.

Utilized tools to create extracts

Standalone scripts and Docker

Archive | old workflows

Data basis

Recent improvements and changes

  • 12.2021
  • 07.2021
  • 03.2021
    • BIG UPDATE will be implemented in March - adressing Issue #25: Switching from imposm/PostgreSQL to gdal/ogr2ogr for processing. Data model stays the same.
    • Adding hstore field "other_tags" which contains all keys and tags who are related to the primary mapfeatues but not listed as main keys/tags.
    • public_transport with relations included (e.g. routes of buses)
  • 02.2021
  • 01.2021
  • 10.2020
  • 05.2020
    • Providing ZIP-Files as Downloads. Switching back from 7zip to ZIP for better compatibility and usability.
  • 04.2020
    • Adressing Issue 18 for more compatibility
    • colon (:) to underline in attribute names and renaming "natural" to "natural_attribute".
    • Adressing Issue 19 by swithing to 7zip-archive format.
  • 01.2020
  • 10.2019
    • definition of geometrytype improve reading the content of a GeoPackage with QGIS
    • new tags: internet_access, wifi
  • 08.2019
    • all geometries of each map feature are stored in one GeoPackage
    • new processing chain - imposm3 is used since the extracts from 20190805 - see workflow_scripts.

Copyright and License

OpenStreetMap© is open data, licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) by the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF).

Happy about feedback

Let me know, if you are happy or what could be improved. Please post an issue or write to


This project provides global data extracts based on OpenStreetMap data as GeoPackages.







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