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michaelmgis committed Oct 11, 2019
1 parent b421ba7 commit 0d4c77a9dc785ad4ef60f0b7870bda0caf2f8dd7
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@@ -3,10 +3,10 @@
"data_url": "",
"project": {
"name": "",
"description": "openstreetmap data extracts for each primary map feature on a global scale as GeoPackage",
"description": "OpenStreetMap data extracts for each primary feature on a global scale as GeoPackages",
"project_url": "",
"doc_url": "",
"icon_url": "",
"icon_url": "",
"contact_name": "Michael Marz",
"contact_email": ""

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goldfndr commented on 0d4c77a Oct 11, 2019

Rather than favicon-16x16.png, I suggest using android-chrome-192x192.png -- the browser will resize to fit, and it's better for "retina" (@2x) and future (@3X, @4x) displays. If you zoom in on and page through the taginfo projects list, you'll see that many of the icons are higher resolution than 16x16. Modern browsers accept SVG (with the appropriate MIME type).

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