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The files are supposed to run on docker. build, run and exec

building the docker container:

docker build -t eg_postgresql12 .

starting the container

We run it with a local volume to store the resulting files in. the port number might be interesting if you want to use postgis afterwards. But be aware: the data in Postgis will be gone after the execution of getting osmdata and exporting it as gpkg:

docker run --volume aLocalPath:/home/osmdata/gpkg --rm -P -p -d --name pg_osmdata eg_postgresql12

running the osmdata process

This script will extract osmdata from a desired path. Currently it runs with "Bremen" latest. Just change the strings in the file Dockerfile and in the file accordingly your desired output.

docker exec -it pg_test /home/osmdata/pbf/

if you want to push the gpkg to a ftp server use:

docker exec -it pg_test /home/osmdata/pbf/ USERNAME FTPSERVER password
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