RPI Monitor from RPi-Experiences implemented in a Docker Container
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About this Repo

This is the Git repo of the Docker image for rpi-monitor. See the Docker Hub page for the full readme on how to use this Docker image and for information regarding contributing and issues.


RPi-Monitor from RPi-Experiences is an easy and free to use WebUI to monitor your Raspberry PI.

To run the docker-rpi-monitor image and monitor your physical Raspberry PI instead of the docker container itself, a lot of volumes needs to be mapped into the container:


All volumes are mapped as read-only to ensure the container can't modify the data on the docker host. Additionally access to the Raspberry PI's vchiq and vcsm device needs to be mapped to the container to access hardware sensors, like CPU Temperature, e.g.


docker run --device=/dev/vchiq --device=/dev/vcsm --volume=/opt/vc:/opt/vc --volume=/boot:/boot --volume=/sys:/dockerhost/sys:ro --volume=/etc:/dockerhost/etc:ro --volume=/proc:/dockerhost/proc:ro --volume=/usr/lib:/dockerhost/usr/lib:ro -p=8888:8888 --name="rpi-monitor" -d  michaelmiklis/rpi-monitor:latest


After a successful start you can access the RPi-Monitor using http://dockerhost-ip:8888