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Leiningen plugin for cloudbees (clojure)
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The cloudbees deployment plugin. Deploy your ring apps to cloudbees PaaS trivially. Of course your apps are not trivial, they are a special snowflake.

Currently uses war based deployment - but could be talked out of it to jetty if enough people nag me.


install the plugin in your project:

:plugins [lein-cloudbees "1.0.3"]

To run:

Create or cd into a ring based webapp project. If you run

 lein cloudbees

then a list of commands will be provided.


lein cloudbees list-apps -- returns a list of your apps !
lein cloudbees deploy -- will deploy your app.

For this to work, you will need cloudbees-api-key, cloudbees-api-secret (both of which you can get from and cloudbees-app-id (for example michaelvideo/sudoku2 - accountname/app name) Use ~(slurp file) to read in your cloudbees credentials - DO NOT PUT THEM DIRECTLY IN project.clj.

If you use the cloudbees SDK - it will read the credentials from ~/.bees/bees.config as normal (bees.api.key and bees.api.secret entries in that file, specifically).

If your application is running in European region, override the default api endpoint by setting the :cloudbees-api-url key in the project map. e.g. :cloudbees-api-url "".


Copyright (C) 2011 Michael Neale

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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