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MultiUse = -1 'True
Attribute VB_Name = "WorkbookWebController"
Attribute VB_GlobalNameSpace = False
Attribute VB_Creatable = False
Attribute VB_PredeclaredId = False
Attribute VB_Exposed = False
Implements IWebController
Private Enum EntityRequestMode
End Enum
Private Type EntityRequest
Mode As EntityRequestMode
Sheet As String
key As String
End Type
Private Const UrlPrefix = "/workbook/"
Private m_wrm As WorksheetRelationshipMapper
Private m_jsonParser As JsonParser
Private Sub Class_Initialize()
Set m_wrm = New WorksheetRelationshipMapper
Set m_jsonParser = New JsonParser
End Sub
Private Function IWebController_MatchesUrl(requestUrl As String) As Boolean
IWebController_MatchesUrl = requestUrl Like UrlPrefix & "*"
End Function
Private Function IWebController_ProcessRequest(request As HttpRequest) As HttpResponse
Dim requestHandled As Boolean
requestHandled = False
Dim response As HttpResponse
Set response = New HttpResponse
response.Headers.AddHeader "Content-Type", "application/json"
Dim parsedRequest As EntityRequest
parsedRequest = ParseRequestUrl(request.Url)
Dim isJsonRequest As Boolean
isJsonRequest = RequestContainsJsonData(request)
If parsedRequest.Mode = All Then
If request.RequestMethod = MethodGet Then
Dim values As IJson
Set values = m_wrm.All(parsedRequest.Sheet)
response.StatusCode = 200
response.body = values.ToJson()
requestHandled = True
ElseIf request.RequestMethod = MethodPost And isJsonRequest Then
Dim postBody As JsonObject
Set postBody = m_jsonParser.ParseObject(request.body)
m_wrm.Insert parsedRequest.Sheet, postBody
Dim responseValue As IJson
Set responseValue = postBody
Dim insertedId As JsonValue
Set insertedId = postBody.GetProperty(m_wrm.PrimaryKeyName(parsedRequest.Sheet))
response.Headers.AddHeader "Location", UrlPrefix & parsedRequest.Sheet & "/" & insertedId.value
response.StatusCode = 201
response.body = responseValue.ToJson()
requestHandled = True
End If
ElseIf parsedRequest.Mode = ByKey Then
If request.RequestMethod = MethodGet Then
Dim getValue As IJson
Set getValue = m_wrm.Find(parsedRequest.Sheet, parsedRequest.key)
response.body = getValue.ToJson()
' this is a null value check in disguise
If TypeName(getValue) = "JsonValue" Then
response.StatusCode = 404
Else ' type is JsonObject
response.StatusCode = 200
End If
requestHandled = True
ElseIf request.RequestMethod = MethodDelete Then
Dim deleteValue As IJson
Set deleteValue = m_wrm.Delete(parsedRequest.Sheet, parsedRequest.key)
If deleteValue Is Nothing Then
response.StatusCode = 404
response.StatusCode = 200
response.Headers.AddHeader "Content-Type", "application/json"
response.body = deleteValue.ToJson()
End If
requestHandled = True
ElseIf request.RequestMethod = MethodPut And isJsonRequest Then
Dim putBody As JsonObject
Set putBody = m_jsonParser.ParseObject(request.body)
If m_wrm.Update(parsedRequest.Sheet, parsedRequest.key, putBody) Then
response.StatusCode = 204
response.StatusCode = 404
End If
requestHandled = True
End If
End If
If Not requestHandled Then
response.StatusCode = 404
End If
Set IWebController_ProcessRequest = response
End Function
Private Function ParseRequestUrl(requestUrl As String) As EntityRequest
requestUrl = StringExtensions.Substring(requestUrl, Len(UrlPrefix))
Dim urlParts
urlParts = Split(requestUrl, "/")
Dim partCount As Integer
partCount = UBound(urlParts) + 1
If partCount > 2 Then
ParseRequestUrl.Mode = Invalid
Exit Function
End If
ParseRequestUrl.Sheet = urlParts(0)
If partCount = 1 Then
ParseRequestUrl.Mode = All
Exit Function
End If
ParseRequestUrl.key = Trim(urlParts(1))
If Len(ParseRequestUrl.key) = 0 Then
ParseRequestUrl.Mode = All
ParseRequestUrl.Mode = ByKey
End If
End Function
Private Function RequestContainsJsonData(request As HttpRequest) As Boolean
RequestContainsJsonData = False
For Each header In request.Headers.GetEnumerator
Dim n As String
n = LCase(
Dim v As String
v = LCase(header.value)
If LCase( = "content-type" And (LCase(header.value) = "application/json" Or LCase(header.value) = "application/json;charset=utf-8") Then
RequestContainsJsonData = True
Exit Function
End If
Next header
End Function
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