A compass/scss mixin for making paper stacks
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paper stack screenshot

paper stack

A compass mixin for making paper stacks.

Paper stack is just a simple implementation if a mixin using compass to make a block elements into stacks of paper. You can set paper color, border color and there is also an option to set a background image too (for those soft fuzzy noise textures you all love so well).

The demo has a simple implementation. The title letters use the mixin as well as the divs holding the code gists. Please play with the mixin and if you would like to improve it, send me a pull request.

What this site is built with

  • Middleman - A sinatra app, using the rack and bundler install
  • Compass - Compass is awesome!
  • scss - SCSS.. life is good.

The big giant font comes from google web fonts.

Thanks for playing along!

Now go eat pie.