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styleguide starter running on middleman
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TODO: Title of site/app

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This is a middlemanapp, a static site generator. You could deploy this and rely on it being a Rack app or you could fire the middleman build command on deploy to generate a completely static site. Keep this updated with deploy details below this section. Ruby 2.1.1 is required.

To run the site locally and develop, in the command line, cd into this project directory and run:

gem install bundler
bundle install
bundle exec middleman

Then visit localhost:4567 in your browser.

Documentation for languages/frameworks in use:

  • middleman; Ruby static site generator
  • Sass; CSS preprocessor in use (SCSS syntax)
  • Compass; CSS authoring framework
  • Susy 2; Grid math @includes
  • Breakpoint; @media-query @includes
  • HAML; Less verbose than HTML templating
  • CoffeeScript; Less verbose than regular JS
  • jQuery; JS Framework for prototyping behavior


Todo: Update deploy info here (uses heroku by default, AWS, scripts, etc.)

For Heroku:

  • You will need the Heroku Toolbelt and create an app or make sure you are added as a collaborator and the .git/config is up to date
  • Procfile, Rakefile, all are currently setup for deploying static middleman site to heroku

New heroku app:

# Create a new heroku app with name specified and add heroku remote to your .git/config:
heroku create:apps [appname]

# Deploy to heroku:
git push heroku master

This middleman app was started with Wardrobe: a middleman template for creating prototypes and styleguides.

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