Making a client for Hacker News in Angular
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This is a trial created over the course of about 2 days as part of a programming test for a job application. It is a simple client for Hacker News created with Angular 1.5.8, that makes use of the Hacker News API provided by Firebase (

Please note that this is mostly a "proof of concept" and is not intended to be a "perfect" representation of a recreation of the site. It does not currently support filtering on the main page, authentication, searching, posting, or the viewing of user profiles. Where applicable, I have linked to the live website for Hacker News.

There is (limited) Jasmine coverage included in this, again, largely as a proof of concept and not intended to be a finished project. I would love to finish this one day, but for the time being it has served its purpose.


  1. Clone repo
  2. npm install
  3. Make sure gulp is installed globally (npm install -g gulp).

Run App

  1. gulp
  2. http://localhost:4000/

Run Tests

  1. gulp jasmine
  2. http://localhost:8888