Block building game to demo Google VR and Firebase
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Block Party VR

Collaborative Block building VR experience Organized by

Last updated - 2/6/2018


Block Party VR provides an open source project based learning experience for developers getting started in VR or gaming. In this proof of concept game, we will build a multiplayer “Minecraft” like experience designed for VR. The current implementation leverages Google Firebase for client collaboration.

To maximize the impact of the project, we will focus on building a Google Cardboard app in the beginning. Google Cardboard VR has the largest VR market share. The platform can support iOS and Android devices.

Keep in mind, we’re trying to create a collaborative, fun, learning project to support the growth of developers. Look forward to seeing you join our Block Party! :)

We are open to seeing Block Party VR ported to other VR and AR platforms. While the current implementation leverages Google Firebase, it would be cool to learn other multi-play platforms too.

Where is the source code?

All code for block party is released under MIT public license.

Want to make a contribution of something you’ve learned?

Create a feature branch and share your code!

Who is the audience target the Block Party VR demo?

This is a project based learning experience for developers The project should attempt interest people who typically like Minecraft

Meetups collaborating on Block Party VR

We want to thank all the developer groups contributing to this learning experience.

  • Unity 3D Developers of Orlando - we especially want to thank the Unity 3D developers of Orlando for collaborating on this concept.

Features completed

  • As a player, I should be able to change the types of blocks I construct in the world to add diversity to the scene.
  • Make sure we can support Google Cardboard with bluetooth keyboard and game pad

Product Backlog for Block Party VR

  • Make sure delete block works from remote client
  • (high priority)As a player, I should be able to add different types of shapes to add diversity to the scene; Can we integrate Google Poly?
  • Support Google DayDream elements - Teleportation
  • Support Google Daydream Chase Cam
  • Support Google DayDream menu style
  • Given I am exploring the VR scene when I place a block in the scene the system should apply small visual effects to increase interest.
  • For the demo session, can we add a time limit for the player to make sure many people can see the VR demo.
  • As a player, I should be able to explore a tutorial to introduce features of the app to maximize usability. This probably should load by default the first time I load the app.
  • As a player, I should see a title screen when I start the app so that I can join a block party or explore the tutorial for the experience.
  • As a player, I should be able walk around a scene in a FPS style. This makes the experience more like “survival mode” in Minecraft.
  • As a player, I should be able to step on blocks.
  • As a player, I should be able to collect jewels to earn points.
  • Port BlockParty to Microsoft Mixed Reality to support HoloLens and other Microsoft headsets.
  • Create AFrame.IO implementation of BlockPartyVR.

Tools to Get Started

Meetup content suggestions

  • Consider exploring other features of Google Firebase
  • Consider exploring other plugins for creating multiplayer VR experiences
  • Integrate street maps data or Google Earth with Unity
  • Explore AR technologies like Vuforia, Google ARCore, Apple ARKit, Wikitude