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A NODE CLI Application using Inquirer and MySQL packages. Three parts - (1) Customer View, (2) Manager View and (3) Supervisor View


Customers are able to make purchases by entering an ID of a product in a list. By entering a valid ID, they are prompted for the quantity for purchase. They can required to enter a quantity from 1 to the amount in stock. A successful purchase updates the MySQL database and updates the inventory amount. Screenshot


Managers can (1) View Products for Sale, (2) View Low Inventory, (3) Add to Inventory, and (4) Add New Product.

View Products for Sale

This option allows managers to see all the items in the Product database. Screenshot

View Low Inventory

This option displays all products that have less than 5 items in stock. Screenshot

Add to Inventory

This option allows the manager the ability to select a product by ID and update the quantity in stock. Screenshot

Add New Product

This option allows the manager the ability to add a new product. They will be prompted to enter a product name, select a department, enter a price, and a quantity in stock. Screenshot


Supervisors are able to (1) View Product Sales by Department and (2) Create New Departments.

View Product Sales by Department

This option will display the total revenues and profit margins per department. We are using a MYSQL query that joins the Product and Departments table to create a summary listing. Screenshot

Create New Department

This option allows the supervisor to create a unique Department. Adding a new category will allow managers to create products under this new category. Screenshot

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