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mOAuth - A Basic OAuth 2.0 Client/Server Implementation

mOAuth is a basic OAuth 2.0 client/server implementation designed for testing and development of OAuth-based services. The client library supports authorization of native macOS, iOS, and Linux applications with PKCE. The server is both an Authorization Server and a Resource Server that supports:

  • User account authentication/authorization using PAM
  • Traditional web-based authorization grants with redirection as well as resource owner password credentials grants
  • Token introspection for services
  • Basic Resource Server functionality with implicit and explicit ACLs
  • Customizable web interface


mOAuth requires CUPS 2.2 or later for its HTTPS support. If you are compiling from source you'll need a C compiler (GCC and clang are fine) and a make program that supports the "include" directive (like GNU make).

Standards Implemented

The specific standards mOAuth currently implements are:

Using mOAuth

The simplest way to use mOAuth on Linux is to install the moauth snap with:

sudo snap install moauth

You can also build and install from source (see commands below) and then run moauthd by hand.

Building mOAuth from Source

mOAuth uses the typical configure script and makefile build system and requires a recent version of CUPS (2.2 or later) to provide the necessary HTTPS support. On Ubuntu 18.04 and later you'll want to install the "libcups2-dev" package to satisfy that requirement.

Assuming everything in in the normal locations the following commands will build and install mOAuth on your system to "/usr/local":

make install

The --prefix option can be used to override the default installation prefix, for example:

./configure --prefix=/opt/moauth

Change History

Changes in v1.1:

  • Now support dynamic client registration (Issue #8)
  • Now support PAM-based authentication backends (Issue #9)
  • Now install libmoauth, the <moauth.h> header, and a man page for the library.
  • Updated moauthd to look for "/etc/moauthd.conf" and "/usr/local/etc/moauthd.conf" as the default configuration file, and install a "moauthd.conf.default" file as a template (Issue #10)

Legal Stuff

Copyright © 2017-2019 by Michael R Sweet.

mOAuth is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 with an exception to allow linking against GPL2/LGPL2 software (like older versions of CUPS). See the files "LICENSE" and "NOTICE" for more information.