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Project Euler Solutions

This is my version of solutions to Project Euler problems Problem {n} in

JavaScript (.js)

  • ECMAScript 5.1
  • Attemps to conform to jQuery Style Guide with the exception of Egyptian brackets
  • JSHinted with configuration: jshint globalstrict: true, forin:true, noarg:true, noempty:true, eqeqeq:true, bitwise:true, strict:true, undef:true, unused:true, curly:true, browser:true, devel:true, indent:4, maxerr:50, newcap:true

Python 3 (.py)

PHP 5.4 (.php)

Haskell (.hs)

R (.R)

Common Lisp (.lisp)

  • Maybe

Spoiler Alert !

Like many others, I'm using Project Euler as a vehicle to learn other languages and environments, so this repo will probably only contain complete, working solutions.

Iterations won't necessarily be the most efficient implementations, just workable ones. In that spirit, feel free to file issues if you see something notable, or fork and send a pull request if you see something you really want to improve. I welcome the experience !


Inspired by @jisaacks public answers repo, which was chiefly written in ruby.