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Lift containers with ease -


Crane is a Docker orchestration tool similar to Docker Compose with extra features and (arguably) smarter behaviour. It works by reading in some configuration (JSON or YAML) which describes how to run containers. Crane is ideally suited for development environments or continuous integration.


  • Extensive support of Docker run flags
  • Simple configuration with 1:1 mapping to Docker run flags
  • docker-compose compatible
  • ultra-fast bind-mounts via Unison on Mac in the PRO version
  • Shortcut commands
  • Grouping of containers
  • Excluding / limiting containers via CLI
  • Smart detach / attach behaviour
  • Verbose output which shows exact Docker commands
  • Hooks
  • ... and much more!

Documentation & Usage

Please see


The latest release is 3.4.2 and requires Docker >= 1.13. Please have a look at the changelog when upgrading.

The free version can be installed via:

bash -c "`curl -sL`" && \
mv crane /usr/local/bin/crane

If you are on Mac, check out the PRO version which seamlessly integrates ultra-fast bind-mounts via Unison.

Copyright © 2013-2017 Michael Sauter. See the LICENSE file for details.

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