Material for the EADM Summer School 2018 in Salzburg, Austria
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EADM Summer School 2018

Material for the EADM Summer School 2018 in Salzburg, Austria

General Schedule

Time Monday, 9.7.2018 Tuesday, 10.7.2018 Wednesday, 11.7.2018 Thursday, 12.7.2018 Friday, 13.7.2018 Saturday, 14.7.2018
09-10 Introduction Kieslich Kieslich + Wulff Scheel Hawelka 09:30 Wulff
10-11 Schulte, Kühberger MT MT Repro ET DfE
11-12 11.30 Presentations
12-13 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13-14 Kieslich Kieslich Kieslich+Wulff Scheel Wulff
14-15 MT MT MT Repro DfE
16-17 Keynote: Stewart Keynote: Fiedler Keynote: Hertwig Keynote: Jenny
17-18 Drinks Meet the scientist Meet the scientist Meet the scientist Meet the scientist Dinner


You will work on your tasks in 5 groups

  • We will ask you to read a few papers in preparation. The number of papers is intentionally kept low so that you actually will read them!

  • The groups (in a little different setup so that we have four instead of five groups) will introduce one of the keynote speakers.

    • Group 1 + r.i.kodapanakkal will introduce Stewart
    • Group 2 + thomas.woiczyk -> Fiedler
    • Group 3 + agnieszka.kitkowska -> Hertwig
    • Group 4 + cathrin.schoedler -> Jenny

The introductions should not last longer than 2-3 minutes. It is common to say a bit about the speakers' CV, highlight places he/she has worked and than home in on the place he/she is working now. You might ad info on important contributions, personal anecdotes (the good ones only!). Please be aware that this is not your show but the keynote speakers' so keep it short and sweet.

  • Still a different setup of participants will meet with the keynote speakers after their lecture in our MeetTheScientist session.

  • Each group will plan, register, setup, run, analyse and present an experiment using Mouse-Tracking. Most of this work will be done during the first three days of the summer school and we will introduce the details to you on the first morning. As preparation for this part please read Kieslich et al., 2018. Presentations will be on Saturday afternoon.

EADM Summer School 2018 Disclaimer

The EADM Summer School 2018 is jointly organized by Michael Schulte-Mecklenbeck from the University of Bern and Anton Kühberger from the University of Salzburg.

The Summer School is possible through generous sponsoring of the European Association of Decision Making (EADM). The coffee breaks are provided by the Salzbuger Gesellschaft für Psychologie.