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Suppose you wanted a circle (or a ball) bouncing around in a box. You might do something like this:

Step 1

Copy this code into a new Processing sketch and run it. Read the code and understand what it’s doing.

Now suppose you wanted two balls, or 10, or 100. You’d have to copy all of that again and again. After copying it 5 or 6 times you might ask yourself if there isn’t a better way.

You might notice, for instance, that most of the code is exactly the same, it’s just dealing with a different ball. Wouldn’t it be nice to describe the ball behaviour once, and then have it automatically know how to do that to all the balls?

There is a way, using classes and objects. Here is the same program using objects:

Step 2

If you want two balls, you don’t need to redefine the class, just create more objects:

Step 3

But that seems like the class didn’t really save us that much work. Why use classes? Answer: it really helps when you want to make lots of objects, and you use arrays instead of individual names for each object:

Step 4

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